Q. What else do I need to know?

This is an Arcadier proprietary event so Arcadier has the sole and unilateral right and without notice to change, retract, replace or disapprove any part of the event at any time without cause or reason and without notice. This includes not approve any participation of the Inspire Summit or Inspire Competition or to immediately remove any participants or attendees or speakers from the Inspire event at anytime without cause or reason and without notice. This should not happen often, but if your marketplace contravenes our Acceptable Use Policies, Terms of Service or the Participant or Attendee or Speaker is disruptive or is causing hate or discomfort to other participants or attendees, there is a likelihood that we will do so.  Arcadier also reserves the right to remove any comments on the Inspire Dashboard or Participant Forum pages at anytime without cause or reason and without notice. Arcadier also reserves the right without cause or reason to unilaterally retract or replace any prizes at anytime and without noticed from the Competition or to decide unilaterally not to award a prize or prizes to any persons without cause or reason even if it conforms with the Inspire Competition terms. Arcadier reserves the right to change the schedule or any speakers from the Inspire Summit at anytime without cause or reason and without notice. The above list is not exhaustive. The Inspire Summit & Competition are govern by the Laws of Singapore, the chosen and jurisdiction of Arcadier Pte Ltd.

Q. I am actually interested to be a Guest Speaker at the Arcadier Inspire Event, how do I apply for it?

All our guest speakers at the Arcadier Inspire Summit have been carefully selected and invited. However, we do not know all the awesome Experts out there, so we are more than happy to have more renowned guest speakers at the Arcadier Inspire Event. We will be happy to accept Guest Speakers till May 2018. Its free to speak as our Guest Speaker but the topics have to be relevant. Write to us at and if we reach out to speak with you. If we find the relationship suitable, we would arrange the logistics to have your sessions recorded.

Q. If I am only attending the Inspire Summit, will I get participate in voting for the “Fan Favourite” awards?

All Arcaider Inspire participants regardless whether you are just a Summit Attendee or a Competition Participant will be eligible to vote in on the Fan Favourite Awards for the best Marketplace to win the “Fan Favourite” awards.

Q. What happens if I missed a presentation of the Inspire Summit or its not available at my timezone which I really like to attend?

All presentation will be released to the Inspire Dashboard at the time stated in the Inspire Summit calendar and will remain on the Summit Video section of the Dashboard till 31st July 2018. So you are able to watch and re-watch any of the presentation at at time suitable for you.

Q. What if I have more questions to ask with regards the Arcadier Inspire Summit & Competition or about the Arcadier Platform?

For all questions with regards to Arcadier Inspire Summit & Competition, you can reach us at and if you have technical questions about the Arcadier Platform, you can reach us at

Q. Where do I get updates about what is new on Arcadier Inspire Summit & Competition?

Once you have registered as a participant or an attendee of the Arcadier Inspire Summit & Competition, you will will have access to your own Inspire Dashboard. All the updates, presentations and announcements will be accessible there. In addition, we would be sending you a weekly update email to advise you on what is new! Please don't unsubscribe, we promise not to bombard you with too many emails.

Q. Some of the prizes have expiry dates, if I am unable to utilise all the prizes won before their expiry, can I get them renewed or converted to cash?

Our prizes are both by Arcadier as well as sponsored by our esteemed partners, some of them do have an expiry date. Unfortunately, we would not be able to convert them to renew them or convert them to cash. Some prizes would also need you to be continued subscribers of Arcadier to be eligible for.

Q. When will I know the results of the Inspire Competition?

The judging will happen between 1st October - 8th October 2018 with the results announced on 8th October 2018. Winners will be notified via email with logistical coordination of how to receive the prizes. Winner maybe required to support Arcadier in its post Inspire Competition marketing efforts such as photos etc.

Q. What can I expect to win at the Inspire Competition?

There are a total of 6 prizes. A Grand Prize for the overall winner, a Fan Favorite for the marketplace with the highest public votes and 4 category winners. Best Retail Marketplace, Best Services Marketplace, Best Rental Marketplace and Best Social Impact Marketplace.  

Some winners can win more than one prize, for instance the Best Retail Marketplace can also win the Grand Prize and/or the Fan Favourite Prize. Details of each of the prizes can be found (Check Here).

Q. What happens if I do not have a live subscription on the 31st July 2018? Will my marketplace still be qualified for the Inspire Competition judging?

We will be judging the performance of the marketplace between 1st April - 31st July 2018, however your marketplace needs to be live and running on the 31st July 2018 for it to qualify for the judging.

Q. What happens after the 30 days trial is over on my marketplace? Do I get more free months because I am in the Inspire Competition?

Creating your marketplace on Arcadier is the same regardless whether you are entering your Marketplace for the Inspire Competition or n    ot. Hence, before the end of your 30 days trial, you are encouraged to enter your credit card details so that you are not logged out of your marketplace. Arcadier maintains your data for another 30 days before its permanently deleted from the Arcadier system and when you would need to start over. 

As a participant of the Competition, you are eligible to join the Inspire Games which will provide you 50% discount on your Marketplace subscription, regardless of Tier you are on, if you complete the required task for the following 6 months if you fulfil the Inspire Games requirements! Learn more about the Inspire Games (Check Here)!

Q. I already have a marketplace setup on Arcadier, can I submit my pre-existing marketplace for the Inspire Competition?

Unfortunately, to ensure everyone starts with equal footing, we only allow new marketplaces created after the 1st March 2018 to be eligible for the competition. You will hence have to create a new marketplace after that date to qualify.

Q. Can I participate with more than 1 entry to the Inspire Competition?

Yes, you can participate as many times as you like. But with each new entry, you need to create a separate marketplace and register as a new participant with a new ID and Password. We would recognise each registration as a separate participant.

Q. What if I have replaced the URL with a custom domain URL, will you know know that is my marketplace?

Yes, our system tracks both the organic URL and your new marketplace URL which you are using, so we are aware at anytime of both these URLs that relates to your marketplace. Not to worry, its all cool.

Q. Will I be discriminated if I used a Starter Tier instead of a Scale Tier to set up my Marketplace for the Inspire Competition?

No. If you look at the Inspire Competition Guidelines (Check Here), that is not a consideration and a successful marketplace can from any of the Tiers. You would know your marketplace business better than anyone, so you need to decide for your marketplace to succeed you may require more features which Growth and Scale may be better placed to provide.

Q. Do I need to keep to your Basic Tier to be eligible and qualify for the competition judging?

No. The Arcadier free trial upon registration is based on our Basic Tier however you can upgrade to our Growth or Scale Tiers for the competition at any time if they offer better features for your marketplace. Inspire Games discount applies uniformly to any tiers. So if you are on the Growth or Scale tiers, you will still benefit from the 50% discount on your payment for those tiers.

Q. Do I need to pay to enter the Inspire Competition?

No. You do not need to pay to participate in the Inspire Competition, but do bear in mind, as you are creating a marketplace on Arcadier, the usual sign-up process and terms applies. Arcadier provides free 30 days trial on Basic Tier level and thereafter you need to pay to continue with your marketplace development. However, as a Participant of the Competition, you are eligible to join our Inspire Games to earn points which will discount your subsequent subscription by 50% for up to 6 months! Learn more about Inspire Games (Check Here).

Q. I only learnt about the Inspire Competition in June 2018 when participation already started in April 2018, can I still join the competition? Will this work against me?

You may create and join the competition as early as 14th March 2018 when Arcadier Inspire is announced and launched. You can join the Inspire Competition at anytime from 14th March 2018 to 31st July 2018. However, your marketplace has to be new and setup after the 1st March 2018 to qualify. It is good to have a headstart but it does not mean anything if you do nothing with your marketplace. A good marketplace idea with effort can take off in less than a month, so it does not matter when you start your marketplace. Cut off for judging is on the 1st August 2018 based on a set of Competition Guidelines (Check Here). If you look at the Competition Guidelines, it does not matter when you have joined the Inspire Competition.

Q. What if I have registered to only join the Inspire Summit and not the Inspire Competition but I have decided to join the Inspire Competition later, can I do so?

Yes, you are most certainly welcome to do so, however you would need to re-register with a new Email ID and Password again as the system does not allow you to edit your participation status once it is done. So you will need a new registration/identity to join the Competition, you will not be able to re-use the Email ID and Password you have used in your initial registration.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of people I can have in my Inspire Competition team?

There is no limit to the team size, but we would recommend 5 or less in your team to avoid too many decision makers to deal with.

Q. What if I have registered for Arcadier Inspire but I have not created by my marketplace on Arcadier?

During the registration process, please indicate that you are interested in being part of the competition but at the part which requires to add in your marketplace URL, just add in the words, “I will update later” as a placeholder. Once you have created your marketplace, you can replace that part of the registration form in your Dashboard with your marketplace URL. You need to include the marketplace URL:

Q. I am interested in joining the Inspire Competition, what do I need to do?

You will first need to create a marketplace on and then register your interest at with the URL of your marketplace which you have created. The URL to include in the registration form would be:, that way we will be able to validate the marketplace that is being used for the Inspire Competition.

Q. If I joined the Inspire Competition, do I need to register separately to attend the Inspire Summit?

No. Once you have registered as an Inspire Competition Participant you are automatically an Inspire Summit Attendee as well. You can watch all the Inspire Summit presentations from the Inspire Dashboard.

Q. What can I expect at the Inspire Summit?

The Inspire Summit has a total of 40+ speakers and presentation that would be released on the Inspire Dashboard in the Summit Videos tab on a fortnightly basis over the 4 months. You will expect to listen to Industry Experts speak on various topics from venture capital funding, PR for startups and business practices pertaining to scale your marketplace. You will also hear from Arcadier’s leaders who will share our business roadmap for the next 12 months as well as AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) sessions where you can poise any questions you have to the Arcadier team. All sessions will be stored after the scheduled session ends which you access to play back on the Inspire Dashboard.

Q. Can I attend only the Inspire Summit but not join the Inspire Competition?

Yes, that is possible. At the registration, you just need to indicate that you are here only for the Inspire Summit. You will get access to the same Inspire Dashboard with the Competition related areas “greyed out”. Do check back to your Inspire Dashboard regularly as that's where we will post our updates on and other useful materials.

Q. I am not a pre-existing Arcadier user or customer, am I eligible to join Arcadier Inspire?

Yes, anyone around the world can join Inspire Summit and or the Inspire Competition.

Q. Is the Arcadier Inspire Summit & Competition free to attend and participate?

Yes! Both the Inspire Summit and the Inspire Competition are free to attend and to participate. All you need to do is to register your interest via Email and Password and choose to either attend the Inspire Summit or attend the Inspire Summit as well as participate in the Inspire Competition.

Q. Why is Arcadier Inspire a virtual event?

The objective of Arcadier Inspire is to enable as much participation as possible and a physical event would not be able to achieve the reach we are looking for. A virtual event will enable anyone around the world to listen to the Inspire Summit and also participate in the Inspire Competition. As a virtual event, you can join Arcadier Inspire anywhere in the world with internet access.

Q. Why is Arcadier doing this virtual summit and competition event?

Arcadier believes that online marketplaces have the power to improve trade efficiency as well as improve information transparency, and as the global leader in marketplace technology, we like to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in the area of online marketplaces. As such, we have taken upon ourselves to organise this event to drive thought leadership and the adoption of marketplace technology globally. Whose else better to execute such an event!

Q. What is the Arcadier Inspire Summit and Competition all about?

Arcadier Inspire Summit and Competition is a 4-months long virtual event that runs between 1st April 2018 - 30th September 2018. There are two parallel tracks that runs during this period, a virtual Inspire Summit with more than 40+ industry experts who will share their knowledge and thoughts as well as a virtual Inspire Competition where anyone can enter an Online Marketplace that they have built on the Arcadier platform to win major prizes at the end of the 6 months.