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Inspire Summit Interviews

The QA Process Demystified by Gligor Milosevic

As the Delivery Manager of Arcadier, Gligor Milosevic is the man in charge of ensuring that new features are built on time and existing features are optimised. Together with his quality assurance (QA) team, Gligor goes through the QA process and tests the system before pre-release to ensure that it runs smoothly. In his Arcadier Inspire

Collaborative & Innovative Leadership by Georgia Beattie

Building a startup requires effective leadership. This month, Georgia Beattie - executive manager at Spacely - spoke at the Arcadier Inspire summit, sharing her insights on leadership through her experiences. With her diverse business leadership experience across various organizations, Georgia shared how founders can lead their business

Artificial Intelligence in Marketplaces by Tony Yeoh

How can AI be enabled in online marketplaces? Former Vice President of Technology at IHG and General Manager of Consulting and Integration at Hewlett Packard, Tony Yeoh introduced the technical jargon in AI and machine learning. He spoke at Arcadier Inspire, exploring the different ways technology, design and business can grow into a ho

Empower User Trust in the Sharing Economy by Sara Green

Deemly was created to allow people to create their trust profile across multiple platforms by allowing for them to transfer their ratings and reviews across platforms. Sara Green, CEO and co-founder of Deemly, talks about the importance of trust in a sharing economy, being either a huge driving force when used well, or being a barrier t

The Entrepreneur's Go-To-Market Guide

June Boo, Head of Group Strategy & General Manager for the USA at Arcadier, shares about go-to-market (GTM) strategies. Tapping on her wealth of experience as Head of Strategy at Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG), June elaborates on the key elements needed to craft your own GTM strategy.So first up, what is a GTM? The GTM strategy

Foundations of Doing Business Abroad by Jacek Rolnik

Blueback Global is a service provider that aids companies as they expand internationally, providing support throughout the process to make it as painless and efficient as possible. Jacek Rolnik, the Chief of Operations, shared some key considerations when planning to expand a company overseas. Amidst of presenting key considerations, Ja