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Inspire Summit Interviews

Optimize your Marketplace Design Goals by Joseph Long

For the benefit of all of you who want to have a stunningly beautiful marketplace, Joseph Long from Arcadier is here to explain just how much freedom and support we provide to help you achieve your uniquely perfect dream marketplace. Arcadier strives to provide free reign for each of our users to be creative and imaginative in construct

Product Market Fit and Beyond... by Nick Coster

By training project managers, Brainmate has aided in the creation of various products customers absolutely love. In our interview with Nick Coster, Co-Founder and Head of Training at Brainmates, he shares the secret to being able to create successful products: achieving product market fit.What is product market fit?Nick defines product

Know Your Customer by Henry Tano

As the Project Manager of Savant Degrees, an innovation studio which specialises in designing digital products that are attuned to clients’ business goals, Henry Tano is an expert when it comes to helping clients nail their products’ UIUX. Savant Degrees’ work traverses the fields of business, technology and design. The Singapore-

The Power of Using a Marketplace in Healthcare by Yeo Wan Ling

Headquartered in Singapore, Caregiver Asia is an online services marketplace which taps on the sharing economy to connect caregivers and healthcare professionals with care seekers. As the co-founder and CEO, Yeo Wan Ling pursues healthcare with a passion, and strongly believes in the utility function of marketplaces.Since its launch, Ca

Impact of Site Speed on Business Metrics by Inian Parameshwaran

Singapore-based software-as-a-service startup Dexecure, which can speed up websites in minutes, recently raised a S$1 million seed funding round by Cocoon Capital and Walden International. Earlier this week, Dexecure CEO and Co-Founder Inian Parameshwaran, spoke at Arcadier Inspire, a virtual summit and competition for online

Useful Fitness and Diet Secrets for the Busy Entrepreneur by Gavin Loh

Entrepreneurs and business owners are often so focused on their enterprise that they forego their health and fitness. To build a business, one must keep up with one’s health and fitness. In fact, giving equal focus to one’s health and fitness has long term benefits to the business as well! In this session of Inspire, fitness trainer