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Inspire Summit Interviews

How to Launch an MVP by Rachael Chin

The importance of knowing your market and your customers is undeniable in the business world. Launching minimum viable products (MVP) is one of the best ways to gain feedback from your target users, so you can continue to perfect your product.Rachael Chin, our very own Product Manager here at Arcadier has given some advice about how to

15 Lessons from 15 Years of Business by Tom Abbott

Tom Abbott wears many hats. He juggles the roles of founder, sales trainer and motivational speaker at SOCO/ Sales Training, an award-winning sales optimisation company, and is also a regular contributor to the Singapore Business Review and Singapore Marketer. Having penned two books on sales – The SOHO Solution and Social Selling –

A Deep Dive with Arcadier's CTO Paul Cascun

Arcadier’s very own Chief Technology Officer, Paul Cascun, goes in-depth with the history and background of the company, discussing how our product was made, how it is constantly evolving, and what we are aiming for it to become. Paul also explains how some projects that spurred the growth of some of our most vital features, such as p

How to Get the Work Done to Build Your Business by Sebastian Marshall

With only 24 hours in a day, how do you make the most of your time? Ultraworking, a tech-based company that’s building the future of work, focuses on precisely that. Ultraworking looks at productivity and creates methodologies for anyone to level up their working efficiency. Besides being the Co-founder and Head of R&D at Ultrawor

The Power of Communities by Christina Teo

Today on Inspire we have Christina Teo, founder of Want Things Done, an online marketplace and concierge for the gig economy. Additionally, she is the Chief Community Builder for Startup WomenAsia and Asia Corporate Women- 2 communities built to empower and support women in their different endeavors. As the former Vice President of Asia

All Things Marketplaces by Adam Broadway

How did the e-marketplace come about? What are the common mistakes made by startups and how do we avoid it? How do we ensure a sustainable community within our marketplace? For those seeking to learn more about marketplaces and their considerations, we talk to Adam Broadway, the founder of MarketplacePlatform.com, to find out more.He sh