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Inspire Summit Interviews

Building a Business of Visuals

A picture speaks a thousand words – and ensures the message remains. Earlier this month, Keith Teo – Co-Founder of Raydar, a search aggregator for stock photos, spoke at Arcadier Inspire, a virtual summit and competition for online marketplaces. To date, Raydar has joined forces with AdZiggy, both firms striving towards a common goa

Creating Opportunities with Online Marketplaces

Creating a business model based on marketplace technology and leveraging on this untapped market is something many would not have thought of. However, the advent of Arcadier and the idea behind its creation was a ‘eureka’ moment says CEO and co-founder of Arcadier, Dinuke Ranasinghe. In September this year, Dinuke spoke at Arcadier

Shaping the Sharing Economy by Jim Tan

Jim Tan, President of the Sharing Economy Singapore, shares with us his insights on the sharing economy, and fills us in on the challenges and technology that is shaping the sharing economy. He also discusses his prediction that sharing economies may eventually take over some traditional business models in the long run.Articulating his

Finding the Human Value in Branding by Allan Yip

Allan Yip has held portfolios as the Director of Brands at Intercontinental Hotels Group and Chief Marketing Officer at Dorsett Hospitality Group in Hong Kong. Bringing with him the experiences garnered from these roles, he has assumed the position of Vice President of Marketing, Distribution and Brands at Artyzen Hospitality Group. Les

Clarifying the Customer Service Conundrum by Hesson Mak

Arcadier’s very own Business Development Manager and Customer Support Specialist Hesson Mak sheds some light on the customer support system in startups. Users of ours may have realised a need to have a customer service system for their own marketplaces, and this talk will be a huge help in suggesting some considerations before doing s

From the Beginning to a Successful Exit by Patrick Yeo

From managing day-to-day operations to dealing with backend work, directing your own start-up can be stressful. So, it's no wonder that we sometimes struggle to stick to our overall desired goals and aspirations. What are the things you can do now to ensure long term sustainability and success for your business?Yielding over 15 years of