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Inspire Summit Interviews

The 10 Startup Commandments by Anuj Jain

Previously on Inspire, we had Anuj Jain, Co-Founder and CEO from Startup-O. Startup-O is a Singapore-based assessment and investment platform that discovers promising startups from the South/ Southeast Asia region and connects them to seed funding through its partner funds and venture building network of market experts.Anuj is passionat

How Running 250km Across the Gobi Desert Made me a Better Start-up CEO by Greg Nance

Sprawling across Northern China and trailing into Southern Mongolia, the Gobi Desert is the second largest desert in Asia and one of the windiest and driest in the world. The 7-day, 250km long Gobi March is the ultimate test of human limits, but CEO and founder of Dyad.com, co-founder of Moneythink and ultramarathon runner Greg Nance pr

The Future of E-commerce by Rupa Ganatra

FUTR Group (formerly Millennial 20/20) is a watering hole for future-focused leaders who want to see “what’s next”, understand how to bridge ‘the gap between now and next’, while carrying forward authentic values with no baggage. The global insights business and summit series on the future of retail, marketing and commerce bri

Harnessing Marketplace Technology by Thomas Schickler

Liquidity Marketplace is a peer-to-peer marketplace where investment grade  institutional members invest and borrow with each other without intermediation. Thomas Schickler, Founder and CEO of Liquidity Marketplace, divulges why they chose to use marketplace technology, and some issues about trust in the marketplace. With his exper

Mastering Media for Sharing Economy Companies by Eve Laird and Elle Tucker

Elle Tucker (left) and Eve Laird (right). Photo credit: RUDE Communications.UK-based communications agency RUDE Communications, the first ever of its kind dedicated to the sharing economy, spoke at Arcadier Inspire earlier this year, a virtual summit and competition for online marketplaces. Eve Laird & Elle Tucker, co-founders of th

Creating and Finding Niches in Already Busy Markets by Edmond Ip

Edmond Ip, Co-founder and Vice Chairman of Artyzen Hospitality Group, a hotel management company that creates hotels around the philosophy of respecting each locations local culture and traditions, discusses the importance of observations and life experiences in being an important source of ideas and inspiration. How to Observe TrendsTh