"We want to kickstart our inaugural summit and business
competition to showcase our technology and help local
entrepreneurs with their marketplace ambitions."

Dinuke Ranasinghe

Founder & CEO

Marketplaces are disrupting traditional industries, particularly with the emergence of sharing economy models. Arcadier wants to help marketplace owners overcome technical challenges and costly build. Now anyone can create their own marketplace easily.

Inspire Summit & Competition, was conceptualised because we want to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in marketplaces. We truly believe that real world application of marketplace technology improves trade efficiency and information transparency. We also believe that great ideas can come from everywhere and that's why we made Inspire a virtual event, so that anyone from anywhere in the world can be part of it.

Through our Summit, we aim to bring together global industry experts so they can share their experiences and knowledge on how to build, scale and grow marketplaces. We hope they will inspire and empower you, as entrepreneurs, startups and businesses alike to develop and grow your marketplace successfully. Arcadier is honoured to have more than 40 great leaders join us at the Inspire Summit.

With our Inspire Competition, we hope to see creative and disruptive marketplace models emerge. Beyond marketplaces with commercial objectives, we like to see social entrepreneurs build marketplaces to support a cause or a community. Thanks to our awesome sponsors, we are able to offer amazing prizes that will help winners continue on their marketplace journey well past the Inspire Competition.

We're only just getting started. This is our inaugural Inspire Summit & Competition, but we hope to organise Inspire for many more years to come. As the global leader of marketplace technology, we are at the forefront of enabling marketplace innovation. We hope to see strong participation in Inspire as it will not only give us the encouragement to continue providing great technology and thought leadership in marketplaces, but also get even better prizes for participants next year!

Best of luck and stay awesome,
The Arcadier Team

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